Traditional Shaving for todays Modern Gentleman

Here at Coates, we aim to provide a fine range of male grooming products, meticulously made in England. We've been creating shaving soaps and creams for over 160 years and during that time we've learnt a thing or two about luxury grooming.


James Coate founded Coate's in 1847 originally as a London brush maker. Coates later exhibited their range of hair, shaving and toothbrushes in the Great Exhibition of 1851.  
Founded as a London brush maker the company expanded rapidly and had soon outgrown its Bow based headquarters. Therefore, the company relocated to Chard, Somerset and Axminster, Devon in 1883.
During the war, A Simpsons, a major supplier of Coate's, lost its factory in the Blitz. Coates and Simpsons decided to share production facilities as a consequence of this, however, due to the success of the partnership, Coates and Simpsons continued to work together.
In 2008 having faced huge changes in fashion and shaving, Simpsons was sold and the tradition of Simpsons brushes being manufactured in England ended. 
Coates has since changed hands twice and has yet to come back as a major force in the shaving industry. However, Coates has now restarted the brush making tradition and aim to rejuvenate a classic British brand and create a quality, male grooming company.

Coates Traditional Shaving Cream
Badger Hair Shaving Brush
Coates Shaving Soap
Coates Travel Shaving Cream

All our luxury products are made in from high quality materials in England and we are continually developing and expanding our range of products.

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